Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Can you guess what’s coming?

When I first went to RADA our music teacher introduced us to a couple of protégés for whom he personally had high hopes. They would keep appearing at his behest with new songs and numbers for us to try out and, to be honest, we found it all rather a chore!
One of the little shows we had to put together was a musical story about characters from the bible all sung in rhyming couplets. I played King Herod and it’s memorable for me only because it was the first time I ever dried during a performance (there were many, many more times to follow!) I sang the penultimate line from one particularly unmemorable song and then half way through the last one realised that it had to rhyme and I couldn’t remember what on earth it was meant to be. I gurgled and ground to a pathetic halt with a raspberry sound and was never quite the same ever again.
We later realised that we had been guinea pigs in the formative years of one of the World’s greatest ever musical teams and Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber had been working on what ultimately became Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.